The best manual potato peeler in 2022

With mashed potatoes, fries, gratin dauphinois or tartiflette to prepare, the question we all ask ourselves: What is the best way to peel a potato?

Our team tested four different ways to peel potatoes manually: the straight peeler, the Y-peer, the paring knife, the tool-free method, and the hands-free method. Let's start right away.

Preparation for peeling potatoes

Whichever method you choose, you absolutely must wash your potatoes first. Most potatoes have never been properly washed since they were harvested, so they are still dirty. Use a vegetable brush to help you get rid of dirt that has become embedded in the shallow eyes. If you can, wash the potatoes , allowing enough time for them to dry before peeling them. This will make them less slippery when you hold them. If you don't have time to let them dry, use a clean towel to dry them and/or to help you hold them.

1) Straight manual potato peeler

The straight peeler (pictured below) isn't the same as most swivel peelers, but it works pretty much the same way. The straight peeler is the one I see most often as it is probably the most traditional. The motion you make with it is very similar to the motion you make with a paring knife to pare. It goes from front to back without much range of motion. It's definitely safer than the paring knife and doesn't remove as much of the potato when peeling.

2) Manual Y-shaped potato peeler

The Y-peeler is the most comfortable to hold thanks to its wider base. It also allows a better grip thanks to its ergonomic handle , when your hands are wet or dirty.

My favorite way to use this peeler is to stick a fork into the potato then brush the tuber all the way around. This is the most secure method because the fingers are not in contact with the potato. This helps prevent injuries. It's smooth, quick, and doesn't waste much of the potato in the peelings either.

You can find our user manual for a Y peeler . It also feels like you have a greater range of motion with a peeler than with a straight peeler or a classic straight knife.

3) Peel the potatoes with a paring knife

Using a paring knife seems to be the most professional method, but it is also the one that requires the most attention to avoid any mishaps. It's quite easy to dig too deep into the potato, making it difficult to peel cleanly and creating jerky movements. It is this method that wastes the most potatoes on the peel and so much more peel residue. We do not recommend this method for beginners.

Storage of peeled potatoes (pre-boiled)

If you want to save time, use one of the methods above and cut your potatoes into small pieces. Place them in cold water and keep them until use to prevent them from browning! The best way to do this is to use the potatoes within 24 hours. Perfect for preparing party meals the night before!

4) Boil then peel the potatoes with your hands

If you don't have a manual potato peeler next to you,
This method will be useful to you, certainly it is not the most efficient, but it has the merit of working.

    1. Make a small cut with a knife (not too deep) in the center of the potatoes, all around them
    2. Boil water, add potatoes to boiling water for 20 to 25 minutes to cook
    3. Once cooked, pour the potatoes into a basin or a bowl filled with very cold water with ice cubes to create a thermal shock and wait 10 seconds. Then use your fingers to pull the peels off easily.

The winning manual potato peeler:

Without a doubt, it is this Y-peeler . It seems stronger and more balanced than a straight peeler, you will finally be able to peel your potatoes without difficulty. It's significantly safer than a paring knife, so you can leave this task to a younger family member if needed, but watch them, as the peeler is always sharp! Also, there is no risk of burning your fingers with post-boiling methods.

manual potato peeler promo -25% The peeler with its double serrated stainless steel blade is one of the most effective for peeling potatoes.

The peeling after boiling method never produced a clean peel. Most of the time they would crumble in my hand or the peels wouldn't come off cleanly which created even more frustration. In the end, do yourself a favor and buy yourself an early birthday present!

FAQ: What is a potato peeler?

A potato peeler is a kitchen utensil, large or small, that allows you to peel food faster without losing nutrients, which are usually just under the skin and can be lost when you peel the potato by hand. made of imprecise peeling.

What to look for when buying a potato peeler

Peeler type

There are two types of manual potato peelers: straight and ergonomic (Y) handles. Straight peelers have vertical blades that can usually swivel, and they peel in a back and forth motion. This type of potato peeler is ideal for peeling the ends of potatoes and processing small starches. Y-peers, on the other hand, have slightly longer pivoting horizontal blades (hence their slingshot appearance) and peel from one end of the potato towards you. This type of peeler gives you more control, which reduces strain on the wrist.

Blade Types

Potato peelers usually come with either a stainless steel or carbon steel blade, each having their pros and cons. Stainless steel blades are rust resistant and less prone to breakage, but they can dull faster than carbon steel. The latter is a favorite of professionals due to its sharpness, but it is also easy to break when dropped and can rust if not dried properly after washing. Peeler handles are flat or rounded, plastic or metal, but many have a rubber cushion.


The best way to find out which tuber peeler is best for you is to determine what you'll be using it for the most part and how often you'll be using it. If you mainly use it to peel potatoes, it is better to opt for a swivel peeler that has a comfortable rubber grip. If you plan to use your peeler for other purposes, such as julienne slicing, a dual-purpose tool with extra-sharp blades may be more suited to your needs. If you prefer to skip the drudgery and have the tool do all the work (and you have the space in the kitchen), consider an electric peeler.

Here you know everything, and you will now be able to manually peel your potatoes, accompany them with onions, carrots, garlic and a pinch of coarse salt to savor this delicious starch. We also wrote an article on how to remove the skin from peppers if you are ever interested.

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