Who are we ?

bowl of tomatoes served on person hand

The story of my-vegetable-peeler

Begins in 2013 with a meeting on the benches of the university, that of two passionate about the world of cooking.

The shop of my-vegetable-peeler is above all, a common idea to offer you a quality peeler, based on your specific expectations: a pleasant handling, saving time but also for the first time satisfaction. when peeling.

The vision of the vegetable peeler

It is clear that peeling our vegetables is rarely a cakewalk, with tools that unfortunately are not always as efficient as we would like.

The peeler being a tool at the heart of the kitchen, but unfortunately too often, with an under-exploited potential, the need to offer you a new effective vegetable peeler is thus born.

Our values ​​and commitments.

We firmly believe that a healthy diet accompanied by regular physical activity contributes to mental & physical well-being.

Also fascinated by problem solving, we give ourselves the mission of making cooking more accessible and above all less painful.

This is how we transmit our ideals of minimalism in this product, which represents a real Swiss army knife to accompany you on a daily basis.

The association with a German partner to provide a quality product that we guarantee will serve you for many years.

Hoping that the use of the peeler-Everything brings you an improvement in your health, well-being and happiness.

Peeling your;

Benjamin & Raphael

Raphael the Founder

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