What is the best apple peeler in 2022?

handy apple peeler

Tired of peeling apples by hand? U.S. too ! That's why we tested four popular apple peelers to find out which one is best for making your favorite pies, applesauce and cakes.

As apple season approaches, we all dream of delicious apple pies, apple cakes and other delights. However, if you're like us, you dread all the work that goes into peeling, coring, and cutting these foods.

Of course, all this effort is worth it, but we wondered: Which apple peeler was the most efficient? Should I use a regular peeler? A manual apple peeler? Or a deluxe electric apple peeler?

What to consider when buying an apple peeler?


To determine which apple peeler was most effective, our kitchen team tried peeling two types of apples: a mangy apple from Finistère and a slightly softer Chantecler from Normandy. Here are the evaluation criteria that our team was looking for:

  • Ease of use: How easy was the tool to use?
  • Time: How long did it take to peel an apple?
  • Waste: Was there a lot of waste with this tool?
  • Performance: Did the tool perform well? Did he do a good job of peeling?
  • Price: Cost of the product in euros

Our 4 favorite apple peelers

1) Straight peeler

classic straight peeler

Chances are you already have a fruit and vegetable peeler like this peeler right in your or your friends kitchen drawer.

This classic upright peeler took the longest time to peel a single apple, whether firm or soft, but it got the job done. Unlike with a knife, the fineness of your peelings will be much finer!

If you need to peel large amounts of apples, this might not be the kitchen utensil of choice, but if you're only peeling an apple or two for a snack, a manual apple peeler , like this one will do just fine.

-Ease: 6/10

-Time to peel an apple: 25 seconds

-Waste: little

-Performance: 7/10

-Price: 23 euros

+ -

-Does not take up space in the drawer

-Sharp stainless steel blade

-Comfortable flu


-Only for peeling

-23 euro

2) Y-peeler

The peeler with its double serrated stainless steel blade is one of the most effective.

This affordable Y-peeler from my-vegetable-peeler is one of our testers' favorite tools. Its horizontal double micro-serrated stainless steel blade allows you to quickly peel vegetables, fruits and especially apples. Indeed, the wide blade allowed our testers to peel the apple in fewer strokes than the straight peeler.

there is even a demonstration video of the product to better understand how it works!

Like the straight peeler, this kitchen utensil is practical and easy to store in your drawers without taking up much space. However, if you have to peel a lot of fruit, you may get a little tired. It should be cleaned by hand under hot water and not in the dishwasher in order to preserve its durability.

-Ease: 8/10

-Time to peel an apple: 20 seconds

- Waste: very little

-performance: 8.5/10

- Price: 20 euros with home delivery in 72 hours

+ -

-Very effective

-Time saving

- also peel the vegetables

-Ergonomic handle


- Not practical for peeling several apples

-Requires a little experience before mastering the peeler perfectly.

3) Hand Crank Apple Peeler

manual apple peeler

We've all seen those hand-cranked peelers. But if you've never used one, maybe you should think about it.

This sturdy apple peeler from " La bonne graine  is made of metal and not only peels apples, but also cores and slices them. Simply vacuum the peeler onto your counter (some models attach to a counter with a vise), place the apple on the skewer, and turn the crank. Our kitchen test found that this tool could peel, core, and thinly slice an apple in about five seconds. We are blown away!

Cleaning this apple peeler is simple: Wipe the apple bits off the tines and blade with a damp cloth. You can even wash it entirely in the sink if needed.

The disadvantages of this kitchen equipment are that the suction base sometimes detaches from the countertop. Also, the blade can sometimes stumble on bruised or very irregularly shaped apples. The blade also gets into the apples, so there's a bit more waste than with other methods (you can throw those peels in the compost bin, though!). These kitchen utensils can also be very bulky for your kitchen.

Overall, though, this manual apple peeler quickly peeled firm red Gala apples and slightly softer McIntosh. Having the fruit already cored and sliced ​​is also a big plus for many recipes using fresh apples.

-Ease: 7/10

-Time to peel an apple: 5 seconds

-Waste: Slightly thick peelings

-Performance : 7/10

-Additional Features: This tool peels, cores and slices apples.

-Price: 35 €

+ -

-Apple corer function

- No risk of cuts

-Good quality of materials

-Cut the apples directly into slices


-Not ideal for soft or unsized apples

-Too much waste due to the thickness of the peeling.

4) Electric apple peeler

electric apple peeler

In the words of Tom, our friendly KitchenAid Electric Peeler intern “It's the Cadillac of accessories”.

The KitchenAid apple peeler has worked wonders in peeling all kinds of apples. Its operation is very similar to the crank version, but it uses the blender motor rather than elbow grease.

With the apples in place, the KitchenAid attachment peeled, sliced ​​and cored the food in less than 20 seconds on the mixer's lowest setting, saving you time! The skin was exceptionally thin, leaving as much fruit as possible behind. That's so many more apples to add to your apple cakes.

Apart from its performance as an apple peeler, this accessory does much more. It has four different blades and can cut fruits and vegetables in nine different ways. In particular, it functions as a spiral in pencil sharpener.

This peeler worked well, but you need a KitchenAid stand mixer to use it. Also, dismantling this kitchen accessory takes some time. But once you get the hang of it, assembly and cleanup are much faster, according to our team of testers.

-Ease: 9/10

-Time needed to peel an apple: 19 seconds at low speed (you can reduce the time by increasing the speed).

-Additional Features : This kitchen appliance peels, seeds and slices; it is also equipped with four blades for spiral cutting and making other cuts.

- Waste: very little

-Performance: 9/10

-Price: 100€

+ -

- Formidable efficiency

- Nice product

- Beautiful delicacy of peeling

-Use a little complicated at first

-The price 100 euros

- Mains operated

Why use an apple peeler?

This is where an apple peeler comes to peel your fruit and cut the chore time in half! A good, sharp peeler saves you energy, brings a nice consistency to your kitchen, and helps you get your kids' snack box ready faster than before.

Some devices go even further, they peel, core and slice apples and other fruits while removing their skin! Convenient, isn't it?

So, in order to freeze, dehydrate, or use apples to make desserts, it's best to buy or borrow an apple peeler to make your life easier.

Want to know how to use an apple peeler to peel, core and cut other fruits? Stay tuned and we'll let you in on all the secrets!

What is an apple peeler?

What is an apple peeler? An apple peeler is a kitchen utensil, large or small, that allows you to peel food faster without losing the vitamins, which are usually just under the skin, and can be lost when you peel the apple by hand. made of imprecise peeling.

The most economical apple peeler is a "device" with two blades, on the top or on the side, which you pull with the drive on the fruit, horizontally or vertically. A thin layer of skin then comes off. This useful instrument is available in various trendy colors and in various ergonomic shapes.

What is an apple peeler?

apple peeler
The apple peeler was formerly known as the "Pèle-apple".

In the 18th century, people used to store fruit for the winter in advance. So when the apple season (autumn) came, they picked them, peeled them, cored them and cut them into small pieces to let them dry in the sun.

However, it was not easy to remove the skin from so many fruits at once. That is why, around 1840, the first "Pèle-apple" appeared in England.

What is an apple slicer?

Today's apple wedge cutter is a much simpler and more efficient version of the older models. It allows you to get perfect symmetrical slices without using a knife to carve. To cook without large kitchen knives but with small utensils. The tool is designed in a way to save your fingers and keep the nutrients of the fruit intact as much as possible. All you have to do is place a cutting board underneath then push the apple cutter horizontally, parallel to the ground. Plus, these tools are pretty easy to clean and use!

apple cutter

Once you get your hands on one of these devices, you might even be surprised how you've been able to live without it all these years!

Stainless Steel Apple Cutter – Unfurry

Efficiency and robustness describe this utensil, available here .

Types of apple peelers and corers

When looking for an apple peeler, you will find two different types of models on the market.

The manual apple peeler , or hand-held device, usually requires a person to keep turning the handle until all the fruit has been removed. You can attach this device to any surface thanks to its suction base.

The automatic apple peeler also requires a person to lock the fruit into position. However, you don't have to turn the handle continuously. An electric motor does the work for you.

How to use a manual apple peeler - The steps to follow

The automatic device is very easy to use. All you have to do is put the fruit in place and press the "start" button and the device will do the rest on its own.

The manual device is a little more complicated and requires a bit of practice to get right. We will give you instructions on how to do this:

First step : fix the device on a stable surface
- Fix the machine on a stable surface.
- If the device is equipped with a strong suction base, you can easily attach it firmly to any counter to secure it.

Second step: choose an apple
- Pick a round, plump apple of your choice.
- Make sure the fruit you pick has no mold on the outside. The machine will still work, but it will be more difficult to peel.

red manual apple peeler

Step Three: Decide if you want to hollow out
- Most devices are equipped with an adjustable seeding arm. Since you're slicing apples today and want the core to come out to remove the seeds, put the arm in the "up" position.
- Tighten the adjustment screw to hold it in this position.

Fourth step: Place your apple on the claws
- The lever on the other side of the adjustable toe arm has three claws on its head. You need to place the fruit on it.

Step Five: Turn the Lever
- Now it's time to turn the lever to keep the fruit moving towards the peeling circle. A peeling blade is positioned next to the peeling circle, which helps determine how much skin to remove from your fruit.
- While turning, make sure that the machine does not cut too deeply so as not to lose pieces of fruit, but also not too finely so as not to have skin on the apple.

manual apple peeler

Step Six: Remove the Apple
- Once your apple is perfectly cut, remove the core that is still on the gutting arm.
- Remove the spiral cut slices.
- Remove the leftover skin from the machine and prepare the next one in line - Enjoy the gorgeous fruit cut.

manual sliced ​​apple peeler

Tips for using the manual apple peeler:

- Before you start peeling the apple, make sure you have a wide work surface as fruit juices can be messy!
- When you hang the apple on the arm, be sure to orient the stem towards the arm.
- When you are busy turning the handle, check if the bottom surface is stable and keep a hand on the bottom if it wobbles a bit.
- When placing the fruit on the peeler, try to get both ends of the pit as straight as possible for convenience.

Is it healthy to peel apples?

With all the pesticides and chemicals used to ripen fruit faster these days, it may even send you to the doctor just as quickly! This is why it is now considered good practice to remove the skin from fruits before eating them.

Now that you know how to use an apple peeler, I hope you won't find this task so tedious anymore. In fact, you can even get your kids involved in this fun activity and have them take turns peeling the fruit to make snack time more engaging.

What is really the best apple peeler?

the best apple peeler

In the end, all of these kitchen appliances did what they were designed to do: peel apples. So the question isn't really which of these gadgets works best, but which meets your needs in the kitchen.

If you're only peeling a few red apples, like this delicious apfelkuchen apple pie, a hand peeler will do just fine. No need to go out and buy fancy gadgets.

On the other hand, if you cook and bake apples frequently and in large quantities, like you who make homemade applesauce and apple butter, one of the specially designed apple peelers would be a wise investment.

Choose according to your profile

We do not recommend the straight peeler , considered too rigid with its handle and not practical enough by our team. The hand-cranked apple peeler is an affordable option for apple fanatics looking to pick bushels of apples from the orchard. For people in a hurry with a smaller budget: the Y-peeler will be the right solution for you, finally the electric KitchenAid appliance is certainly more expensive but does much more than just peel apples for the most demanding of between you.

The essential :


best apple peel

All of these methods work, but invest in a special apple peeler if you really want to cook and bake with apples.

All in all, we think the apple peeler is a winning product and will likely be used in many homes here and abroad. The apple peeler could be found in well-known family stores, superior supermarkets and department stores, as well as online stores. And since the apple peeler is very affordable, it can be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who loves to cook and cook.

Try it yourself. You will not be disenchanted. Make your dream come true and bake that apple pie that will have the whole family coming into the kitchen to kiss you as a reward for using such a captivating device. The red or green apple is usually a source of cooking inspiration when you have an exquisite apple peeler by your side. We also compared which was the best manual potato peeler .

The team of my-peeler-vegetables.fr.